Many products we buy today are almost wallpapered with seals, quality marks and check digits - they all want to inform us as consumers about ingredients and the use of plasticizers such as oils, resins or camphor and phthalates. In the area of floor coverings and home textiles there is information about abrasion resistance, emission values and pilling values, which we would like to inform you about on this page. From parquet flooring to laminate, carpets, vinyl flooring and curtain fabrics, everything is tested and tested to protect your health and ensure your safety. The question often arises: Which seal tells me what exactly? And which one is reliable if a health-conscious life is important to me? Can I also lay a design floor or vinyl floor in rooms such as children's rooms or bedrooms?

Because: A conscious life in harmony with nature shows up not only in a conscious buying behavior with clothes and food but also in the decision for the right floor covering. A truly reliable seal is that of Eurofins, as it offers a uniform and independent certification. That is why Eurofins is the partner at JOKA's side. Ultimately, you as a consumer benefit from this - because safety and reliability are a basic requirement for both partners. 

Eurofins is the world's leading organisation in the field of product emission testing. The Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate guarantees the lowest emissions for a product. Eurofins combines all European regulations on VOCs and all relevant voluntary eco-labels and tests according to the strictest requirements. In addition, thousands of chemicals - such as plasticizers in floor coverings - are tested. Eurofins ensures the manufacture of consistently low-emitting products through an internal quality programme of audits and repeat tests. Many of our JOKA products, including the design floors from the 555 collection, carry the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate.

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