Natürlich schöne Räume

Raumwelt Steffi's creation

 "I'm a competitive athlete. Every year I am on the road for many months. That's why I know exactly how valuable it is to finally be back home. For me it is very important that my four walls fit to me, that I feel completely comfortable and that I can design them completely according to my ideas. JOKA products are the basis for interior design. Take a look at the four rooms below, which I designed and let yourself be inspired!"

The perfect room consists of several elements that have to function harmoniously and functionally together, creating a feel-good atmosphere for people. This ideal combination is as individual as people are and means something different for everyone. Once the personal style has been defined, current trends, moods and events provide opportunities for creative development. Everything begins with the idea of living space design, the vision becomes the first strokes that give direction to the basic design. In the end, the individual dream of living can be realized throughout the creative process. Thanks to the versatile JOKA product range, special accents can be set by clever combinations: Especially fluffy JOKA carpeting is a modern break in style on solid, natural JOKA parquet flooring. Patterned JOKA wallpapers are supported in their effect and structure by meaningful JOKA living materials, in interaction with JOKA doors the way into a new well-being feeling ambience is created. Thanks to an almost infinite number of patterns, colours, structures and surfaces of JOKA products, there are no limits to creativity.

"At the JOKA-Fachberater or in the JOKA showroom I can get inspired, see and feel the materials and get a first impression, there you will also find a competent JOKA-Fachberater for me. He will supports me in the concrete planning, supplements my ideas and implements everything precisely later. From my idea, through planning with my JOKA consultant, to completion by the consultant - the complete process in expert hands".

Steffi Böhler
Olympic medal winner

Gestaltete Räume von Steffi
- Wählt Euren Raum und lasst Euch inspirieren!

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