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The Nordlicht style captivates with modern and functional components that create a friendly and bright atmosphere. Straightforwardness, freedom and lightness are created through the use of natural materials, minimalist decoration and friendly, clean colours.


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The choice of colours is based on the proverbial Nordic serenity: a relaxed white forms the basis, complemented by warm sand and vanilla tones. Strong wood elements bring rustic coolness to the otherwise harmonious colour scheme. Graphic patterns such as diamonds or abstractions of natural motifs in the chosen colours additionally underline the style.

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The furnishings of this style are light and restrained, but also warm and cosy. Translucent curtains allow plenty of daylight into the room and illuminate individual, rustic wooden accents.

Farbe 770
Farbe 770
Farbe 770


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You can find the products for the "Nordlicht"at your JOKA-Fachberater.

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