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A bit of Africa, a bit of Asia, mixed with a touch of Boho nonchalance - this style is not fixed and feels like a day at an Orient bazaar. There is plenty of room for creativity here, the sunny colours and round elements invite you to feel good and recharge your batteries.

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Like a palette of spices: it has been proven that orange lifts the mood, curry and chilli stimulate the appetite and the imagination, natural tones earth and relax - here you can enjoy with all your senses. Warm wood tones mix with strong colours in the textiles, which are complemented by discreet ornaments on the wallpaper. The red dots appear like small colour oases in an environment of earthy yellow and sand tones.

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Wood for rustic charm and traction, plus handmade elements made of natural materials: this is how you create individuality and originality in a room. Colourful, but not overloaded, textile, but nevertheless light, exotic, but not strange.

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