Natürlich schöne Räume

JOKA creates home

Coming home: Leave a long, turbulent working day behind. After days spent in strange rooms, you finally have your familiar around you. Everyone knows this feeling.

Of course also our athletes. Their everyday life consists of indoor and outdoor training, worldwide competitions and obligations towards the sponsors. After the season, of course, they also look forward to the feeling of coming home - to the realm of life where you can be what you are, where you feel at home without restrictions and which you can shape according to your own ideas.

The story of our spot

Steffi Böhler, Laura Dahlmeier and Arnd Peiffer have a successful winter sports season behind them. Intensive training, tough competitions and busy schedules are behind them, they use their free time for a relaxed hike in the mountains. And they have one goal: a visit to the weekend hut of Magdalena Neuner. She is at home and is looking forward to seeing her three sports colleagues. She opens the door and lets the three into her kingdom.

The small hut is lovingly furnished and the three admire the many small accessories. "Do you have a favourite piece here?" Of course Magdalena has favourite pieces, she especially likes the matching cushions and curtains. 

Steffi reports about her renovation last year, she had a big renovation and completely redesigned her rooms - the JOKA room designer helped her a lot. He visualises room ideas with JOKA products and makes vague ideas more tangible.

Arnd also uses the advantages of digital configuration. He is currently in the middle of a renovation and is currently looking for the right floor. It should be a wooden floor - but which one? In the room designer he shows his three colleagues his two favourites.

Laura comes from a family of interior designers and has a special eye for these topics. She knows how important good craftsmanship is and that high-quality products have to be processed professionally..

What do you appreciate most about coming home?

"When you unlock your house door, put your big bag in the hallway and know that you can stay for some time now, that's an indescribable feeling! I often walk barefoot through the rooms, inhale the familiar smell and arrive in peace", describes JOKA testimonial Steffi Böhler.

"I have relived the feeling of being at home through my children. A house becomes a small nest as soon as children's feet tap around in it. I am responsible for the finishing touches. You can make great things out of fabric and decorate it from time to time," says Magdalena Neuner. 

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