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In choosing the floor for our new home, we chose parquet. This is the pure naturalness and brings a great living climate in the living rooms. Each plank is absolutely individual and unique, it is just naturally grown material. Apart from the certainty that no other person has exactly this floor at home, the selection is also something very special: The different types of wood, the surfaces, from smooth and shiny to matt oiled with a lot of wood structure. Also between styles from "Elegant" with even wood selection up to "Villa" with knotholes and robust optics - our parquet is something very personal for us.  In order to take a close look at the differences, we compared the products in a JOKA Showroom and also installed them virtually at home in the Raumdesigner to be sure of our choice. So we decided to use parquet flooring in all our living rooms, with the exception of the bathroom. Here the choice fell on an easy-care and water-resistant design floor.

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