Natürlich schöne Räume

Sensual extravagance meets discreet charm

Elegance has many faces: simply discreet, splendidly opulent or also sensually charming. The tasteful combination - and a touch of extravagance - is decisive. What applies to fashion can also be applied to living space. Exclusive materials and optics such as copper, leather, granite or diamond combine with naturally simple wood and earth colours such as dark brown or sand to create a cosy and exclusive atmosphere.

Home textiles and wallpapers with magnificent ornaments, bold animal prints and combinations of rich plum and chocolate tones also reflect elegance, as do discreet wave and honeycomb shapes in grey and vanilla. Gently shimmering wallpapers give the room a noble touch. 

Selected extravagance on the walls and windows is enhanced by real wood floors and design floors in wood look. into a coherent relationship. Strong colour accents 

in purple harmonise with carpets in shades of brown, black or grey. The combination of your own favourite colours and patterns with discreet basic colours creates a completely individual elegance.

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