Natürlich schöne Räume

Room for fantasy

Life means variety. Variety lives from contrasts. Dynamic colour combinations, pattern and material mixes bring movement into your own home. Sun yellow, night blue, blossom pink, apple green - colours, freshly inspired by nature, can be combined with

each other. Concrete and gold optics form the proverbial attractive contrast. There are no limits to your imagination in this world of space.

Lebendige Vielfalt can be found above all in the colourful mix of patterns and colours of wallpapers and decorative fabrics: old rose blends skilfully with petrol, geometric forms with pixel optics. Wallpapers with large flower patterns, wooden planks flaking off in the rustic look or an extravagant 3D look set unconventional accents.

The liveliness of the room is tamed by quiet, subdued floor decorations. Oak and cork floors create a healthy living atmosphere and form an ideal basis for individual interior design. A plain-coloured carpet in a curtain or wallpaper colour builds a visual bridge between floor, wall and Home textiles .

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