Natürlich schöne Räume

Like a frish breeze

Natural, timeless, uncomplicated - the Nordic flair has enjoyed great popularity for years. Bright colours and fresh patterns play a key role here, as most of the long winter is spent indoors in the far north. This world of space also shows a great affinity with nature: wood, stone and linen, flower patterns and natural tones are the dominant elements. Clear colour lines give the rooms playful elegance.

Soft shades of blue and green blow through the room like a fresh sea breeze, while robust real wood floors, environmentally friendly cork floors and healthy design floors in wood look provide a solid grip. Velvety soft carpets made of natural fibres remind of fair weather clouds in summer.


Through a simple design, different living areas can the elements in a stylish and individual combined.  Light natural tones form the ideal basis for tasteful furnishings. Wallpapers, carpets and home textiles in delicate pastel shades such as petrol or lilac set airy light colour accents. Graphic designs, floral retro patterns as well as brick and wood looks make the room even more interesting.

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