Natürlich schöne Räume

Around the world within four walls

The world is growing together - within your own four walls. Inspired by oriental opulence, New York industrial chic, African colourfulness and Scandinavian straightforwardness, the most interesting styles of all continents are united here. Thus the home becomes a melting pot of cultures. Carmine red from North Africa, curry yellow from India, chocolate brown from Ecuador or gold from China - the global colour palette offers a wide range of design options.

Dark brown floor contrasts intense red and precious gold on the walls. Azure blue carpets on light wood look like an oasis in desert sand. Traditional ornaments in Nordic pastel shades combine the magic of exoticism with the acquaintance of the familiar.

Home textiles in the earthy tones of the Savannah harmonise with discreetly coloured wallpapers in mosaic music. Playful floral ornaments and irregular vintage patterns remind of times long past and distant lands, dilapidated temples and magnificent palaces. 

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