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A room always works for me in its entirety. If the first impression moves me, then I look at the details. What is that for a floor exactly? how does it feel like? Is there a fitted carpet that sets colorful and creative accents? Cutting contrasts can harmonize well with one another, apart from similar shades.

The floor is the basis for every room and the longest decision in the furnishing area. The second building block is the wall design. Here, too, JOKA offers a large selection of products.

My athlete colleagues introduce you to the individual product categories offered by JOKA. Which is your favorite floor? What is your choice for your individually designed empire? Let yourself be inspired by the motto: Create your room!



I totally like parquet flooring. Especially planks I think they are great, they give the room a very natural character and the floor a certain peace. In such a room I feel good and can switch off well. Parquet is and remains simply the classic for anyone who wants to create a solid foundation.

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Soild Wood Floor

What I see above must also be inside! That's why solid wood planks are full to my taste. Robust, natural and unbeatable in appearance. Depending on the incidence of light, a solid wood floor always works differently and it also changes in the course of its length of stay - which I find exciting, because it does not fade or unsightly, but grows on "life experience".

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Natural Wood Floor

Clearly: For me, there is only natural wood floor. I'm indigenous and that's how my floor has to be. Since I know that he creates a healthy living environment and is robust. Natural wood goes with any interior design style, depending on how it suits me.     

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Above all, the optimum floor offers me many design choices. I would like to have a healthy floor with optimal properties and not have to restrict myself in the choice of optics - all this combines laminate. Laminate does not only look real, it also feels that way!

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Cork Floor

For me, cork has always been a great floor covering that is once warm and comfortable under your feet. The one can hardly hears footsteps and because of the elasticity it is good for the joints. Now that I see how many great designs he's got, I'm even more excited! For me clearly the first choice - especially for passionate "on the floor Sitter" like me!

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Design Floor

For me, design flooring combines everything a floor needs: foot warmth, healthy living and great looks. He is absolutely unproblematic in cleaning and even suitable for kitchen and bathroom - I think that's just great. Sitting for hours with a friend and a cup of tea in the kitchen and chatting, I do not want to get cold feet!

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Nature Design Floor

Optics or content? I do not want to have to make a decision - and I do not have to do that at Naturdesign ground. The looks simply unique and is even suitable for particularly difficult spaces such as conservatories. The special construction makes this floor so robust and the special seal ensures the insensitivity.



I'm an outdoor guy and my terrace season goes spring to autumn. The well-being on the terrace stands and falls with the right surface - if that fits, is funny hours with friends, romantic evenings in the moonlight and boisterous family celebrations nothing in the way.

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