Wooden floor in the bathroom

What must a bathroom floor be able to do? He has to bring a certain amount of basic warmth, convey a pleasant barefoot feeling, radiate naturalness and a feel-good atmosphere. Wood can do all this better than any other material. Nevertheless, for decades the tile was almost without alternative in the area of ​​wet rooms - completely wrong. Slowly but surely, more and more wooden floors are moving into bathrooms - and rightly so.


Adjusted carpets

The carpet is still a classic for living rooms. We appreciate him for his warm feet, his fleeciness and his wide range of colours. Carpets are suitable for all living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. [more]



Many products we buy today are almost wallpapered with seals, quality marks and check digits - they all want to inform us as consumers about ingredients and the use of plasticizers such as oils, resins or camphor and phthalates. In the area of floor coverings and home textiles there is information about abrasion resistance, emission values and pilling values, which we would like to inform you about on this page. From parquet flooring to laminate, carpets, vinyl flooring and curtain fabrics, everything is tested and tested to protect your health and ensure your safety. The question often arises: Which seal tells me what exactly? And which one is reliable if a health-conscious life is important to me? Can I also lay a design floor or vinyl floor in rooms such as children's rooms or bedrooms?[more]


Plissee, Rollo & Co. - the ideal sun protection companion in every season!

Sunlight in the interior is wonderful - if you dose it correctly. And this applies both in the summer in intensive sunlight and in the cold season in the low sun schines. [more]


Saving energy with curtains and home textiles

Curtains and home textiles do not only provide a good feeling of warmth and well-being in every room, but they also create measurable heat by additionally insulating the windows during the cold season and thus saving energy.[more]


Carpet - the best choice for allergy sufferers

Carpet is not for allergy sufferers? - that thought is still in our minds. But meanwhile studies confirm that it is exactly the other way around, carpet is in the best way suitable for house dust allergy sufferers as well as for people with animal hair allergies, pollen allergies and much more. [more]

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