• Xplora - the discovery floor

    Sustainable, robust and suitable for all rooms: this floor masters almost all mishaps and requirements of everyday life. discover more

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  • The classic

    Fascinating and elegant optics with brushed, aged and chamfered surfaces underline the high quality appearance.

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  • Timeless all-rounder

    Authentic surface structures in wood, tile and stone design or varied mosaic and fantasy decors.

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  • To feel good

    Textile floor coverings provide an improved indoor climate, reduce footfall noise and create an enchanting living atmosphere.

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The brand JOKA

JOKA offers you a complete collection of interior furnishing products - from floors and carpets to doors, wallpaper and Home textiles. Our brand combines durable products that allow you to customize a room. All products are also made of the best materials - and impress with their unique design.Through these quality features and our cooperation with the craft, which guarantees high quality processing, you have high quality with JOKA products in the long term.

The Joka collection includes:
Parquet | Laminate | Design floor | Carpet | Wallpapers | Home textiles

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