Focus on sustainability

JOKA products have long been known as healthy, robust and easy to clean. Sustainability is also an important issue for us. As in all other areas of life, it is important to us to sell products that preserve the environment in the long term, from production to disposal.

The Next Living collection now brings together all products that meet these criteria in a special way. Using special technologies and innovative production processes, we have developed products that are sustainable, healthy to live in, yet robust and easy to care for.

The floors with the Plus

You want a robust, durable and easy-care floor that is just as ecological and sustainable and contributes to a healthy living climate?

These criteria were the prerequisites for the product selection for NEXT LIVING, the collection with the GREEN and BLUE PLUS. The GREEN PLUS stands for sustainable or healthy living floors that are nevertheless particularly hard-wearing and easy to care for thanks to special technologies and innovative production processes, thus meeting the requirements for the BLUE PLUS.


This new generation of carpets is made exclusively from PES (polyester) from the back to the fibre. This enables 100% recycling, so that these carpets can flow back into the product cycle.

The innovative "Solution Dyed" yarns, in which the dye is already introduced into the fibre during production, are resistant to UV radiation and age yellowing and therefore particularly durable.

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Sinero® is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is completely recyclable. The design floors are free of PVC, chlorine, phthalates and heavy metals. Thanks to this composition, Sinero® is a healthy floor for living and has been awarded the Blue Angel and the Eurofins label.

The popular and sought-after properties of robustness and durability of the floor are even enhanced with the 34 utility class.

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Parquet floors with VelvetPro surface have a high-quality seal and are perfectly protected against dust, dirt, liquids and chemicals.

Parquet floors with VelvetPro surface have a high-quality seal and are perfectly protected against dust, dirt, liquids and chemicals.

The innovative thin-liquid lacquer follows the wood structure instead of forming a layer on the surface, thus preserving the ultra-matt appearance of an untreated raw wooden floor.

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Learn more about our NEXT LIVING collection and the BLUE and GREEN PLUS. Browse through the brochures online and get inspired.

The floors with the green plus

The floors with the blue plus

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