The new JOKA Plissee collection offers a choice of 250 variants. Highlights are high-quality burn-outs, trendy linen structures and textile jacquards from stylish-elegant to stylish vintage look. In addition, there is a wide selection of classics such as striped and stylized floral patterns, as well as plain and crash surfaces. Vital rainbow colours in coral, red, yellow and green or cool aqua and petroleum shades, blue, violet or brown are lively counterparts. Choose the profile rails to match the Plissees material - JOKA offers four different colours in the PLISADO collection.


Eye-catcher with benefits

Plissees improve room acoustics because they absorb unpleasant room reverberation and sound. They also have an energy-saving advantage: with a honeycomb pleating, for example, you can save up to 10% in heating energy. And the special: There is the perfect JOKA Plissee for every window shape and every room situation. The bathroom can be protected from prying eyes as well as the conservatory with unusual window shapes from unwanted sunlight. Transparent for the living area, semi-transparent for practice rooms, offices or living rooms or darkening for the bedroom - choose between 4 different transparency levels of your JOKA plissee. Many material from the JOKA PLISADO collection are also suitable for computer workstations.



Plissee  - the practical quick-change artists

The word "Plissee" comes from the French and simply means "folded". However, the term has long since become a complete generic term for a varied, individual and modern window design. JOKA-Plissees are sun protection, privacy screen and heat and cold insulation all in one. In addition, Plissees are a popular design element and give every room a special character. Different types of installation offer a lot of scope for creative and individual window design.



Material variants of a Plissees

In addition to the classic Plissee versions with one layer of farbic, JOKA also offers a wide selection of honeycomb plissee. Honeycomb plissee consist of two layers of Material which are firmly connected at the folding edges. This creates air chambers, which can also be coated with a reflective film if desired. Over the entire window, a closed JOKA honeycomb plissee provides an air layer that absorbs sound, heat and cold. The air cushion does not even let heat that is generated outside in summer into the house. Attic apartments in particular benefit from these heat-regulating properties of the honeycomb plissee. They are the only plissee that completely darken a room. If you want this effect, installation directly on the window rebate is particularly recommended. The air exchange between plissee and window glass is lowest with this type of installation and the heat and cold insulating effect is highest. For the exact measurement, it is best to ask a JOKA-Fachberater. 

Both Plissees with honeycombs and the version with a fabric layer have a further design variation: For example, choose a bright eye-catcher for the interior and a discreet colour for the exterior. You can choose from two-sided fabrics or two different fabric colours. Both fabric variants can be easily cleaned at home. .


Plisado Prospekt

The new PLISADO collection impresses with a multitude of fabric variations, transparency levels and shapes. Download the flyer here for browsing and printing.

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