Xplora – der Entdeckerboden

Was bringt die Zukunft – wie wollen wir leben und wohnen? Es wird viel geforscht und getestet, um neue nachhaltige und ressourcenschonende Produkte zu entwickeln. Qualität, Robustheit und Pflegeleichtigkeit spielen trotz gesteigertem Umweltbewusstsein eine tragende Rolle. Eine Antwort hierauf geben die einzigartigen Naturdesignböden Xplora für große und kleine Entdecker. Die Böden sind CO2-neutral, frei von PVC und Weichmachern und aus nachhaltigen, natürlichen Rohstoffen hergestellt.

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The completely soaked four-legged friend, who makes himself comfortable on the floor right after the rainy autumn walk and lies in a small dirty lake in no time. The children who storm through the living room with muddy shoes after their journey of discovery through the garden. Or the girlfriend, who has once again overlooked the full red wine glass on the table and knocked it over. Forgive yourself, because Xplora also forgives these demands. Enjoy these moments of everyday life and don't worry about any remaining damage to your floor. The special processing of the organic components make the floor extremely resistant to dirt, scratches and liquids. Xplora masters "almost all" requirements and misfortunes of everyday life.

"Made in Germany" and certificates

The "Made in Germany" seal has stood for reliability, quality and trust since the 19th century. The information on our products is voluntary and signals to you as consumers that we pay particular attention to the entire manufacturing process of our products. In addition, the "Blue Angel" and the eco-INSTITUT label ensure that the floors are absolutely safe to use.


The natural and organic components give Xplora the basis for a real floor of the future. They are largely made of wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. New trees are planted for every tree that is used as a raw material. Wood waste generated during production is used for energy generation.


The use of wood as a raw material supports a positive CO2 balance, since the climate-damaging gas is permanently stored in the wood. Natural design floors Xplora are at least CO2 neutral, since less CO2 is released during production than the raw material wood itself.


Organic, natural raw materials give the natural design flooring Xplora the basis for a real flooring of the future. The complete absence of PVC and plasticizers also ensures personal well-being within your own four walls. The environmental and health properties of Xplora meet high demands and are therefore awarded the eco-INSTITUT label.


The innovative carrier plate from Xplora is moisture-resistant and offers over 100 hours of surface water splash protection. This means that the natural design floor can even be installed in damp rooms. Thanks to its excellent thermal stability and lightfastness, the JOKA Xplora is also suitable for conservatories and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Quality "Made in Germany" that you can rely on.


Thanks to the special technology, Xplora masters all requirements and mishaps of everyday life. Thanks to the extremely robust microscratch-protect surface, the natural design floor Xplora withstands scratches and stresses of everyday life. Thanks to its high thermal stability and lightfastness, Xplora can be used in conservatories and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows without hesitation.


16 x wood and 4 x tile looks. In this selection of 20 decors, every room, every taste and every requirement finds its individual look. Regardless of whether wood or stone decor - Xplora simply looks good. In combination with synchronous, antique, matt and tile surface structures, Xplora creates an authentic natural design floor, in which haptics and optics merge.

Material properties

Xplora is a CO2-neutral wood-based product, the carrier plate is 100% organic and the robust microscratch surface meets all everyday requirements. Thanks to the 100 h + surface splash protection, Xplora is also a perfect choice for private bathrooms. Free of PVC and plasticizers as well as non-fading and thermally stable - Xplora is a good choice.


The centerpiece of the Xplora natural design floor is the Organic Rigid Coreboard base board. A stable, organic construction is created from the finest wood fibers that are completely covered in the production process and thus protected against moisture. The printed decorative paper is then fused to the backing plate and a protective precious resin coating.

Xplora – the discovery floor

Get inspired and explore JOKA Xplora - the floor for young and old explorers.

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