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Depending on the weather, we spend as much time outdoors as possible from spring to autumn, preferably in our own garden. The question comes quickly: How should the ideal terrace be for you? Pleasant walking barefoot? Easy care? Robust? This is indeed a HERKULES task, but: The JOKA HERCULES terrace décor combines all these features and offers even more.

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Natural and quiet

The HERKULES collection by JOKA is made of a wood compound, which consists of 75% wood fibers and is completely PVC-free. This wood material from JOKA is even approved for children's toys. The slip-resistant material is particularly pleasant under the feet, does not make any chips or stains . Due to the particularly wide floorboards, you have considerably less joints with a HERKULES terrace by JOKA than with other floor boards conventional terraces. No screws or fastening elements can be seen from above on a HERKULES terrace.

Universally applicable

The JOKA terraces can be used as a hall for a terrace in the garden or as a basis for a balcony , for example, a garage or terrace on a flat roof. The JOKA-HERKLUES floorboards can be installed flush with the surface, at the same height as the lawn surface or as a pedestal, that is to say, with a terminating strip. The HERKULES floorboards are made of solid material and are therefore particularly heavy, quiet and stable. Moreover, inside the massive JOKA terraces, no water can be collected, which can then lead to damage during frost.

HERKULES product variants

material properties

The HERKULES plank is made of solid, thoroughly high quality and completely dyed material, so it is particularly robust and because of the high square meter weight it is very stable and does not rattle. The special material properties make JOKA-HERKULES boards resistant to the mold fungus.

Do not be afraid of stains

A glass of red wine or a falling piece of food is no longer a drama. With a JOKA-HERKULES terrace, you do not need to be afraid of organic spots. The HERKULES floorboards are especially easy to clean: Simply clean the JOKA-HERKULES floorboards with water roughly - the rest of the UV radiation does it all by itself and after a few days, nothing can be seen of the misfortune.


Because of the small size of the material, the JOKA-HERKULES plank can be laid very tightly, with wide joints thus avoiding the risk of small objects being "swallowed". Our JOKA floorboards are available in four different versions and you have the choice: Grauton or Braunton? Can be laid on one side or both sides?


Orthopaedists recommend walking often barefoot. This can be done only on a suitable foundation. In the JOKA HERKULES plank you don't need to be afraid of splinters as they are absolutely splinter-free. There are no knot holes, cracks or frayed edges, as with terraces from real wood. Even with moisture - even small, unsafe feet - have a secure kick.


Each terrace is individual and even more individual are your ideas of the perfect terrace. Just have a look at how your dream terrace might look! Test yourself in a virtual way through the various possibilities and discover the manifold design possibilities with the HERKULES plank.

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