Natürlich schöne Räume

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Thoughts are free - seldom has this wisdom been as important as this year. With them we can dive into exotic realms, discover foreign countries and take the colorful naturalness of the lush vegetation home with us. This trend offers the colorful forehead to the dreary gray of autumn.

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Big flowers, lush greenery and exotic elements: bedded on classy black and warm caramel, these elements are powerful and untamed. Many tasty nuances from cherry to grape to eggplant run undeterred through the materials.

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The main focus is on wallpapers and fabrics. Here, sweeping flowers, floral arrangements and green plants make their grand entrance. The wild splendor is tamed by the calm dark carpet and the gray-brown natural design floor, which forms a harmonious basis with particularly wide and long planks. The other walls are discreet and only provide light elements.

Farbe 770
Farbe 770

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You can find the products for the "Flower Power"at your JOKA-Fachberater.

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