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JOKA Sportive

The JOKA brand and sport are inextricably linked: We have been involved in winter sports since 2006 and are particularly active in biathlon. Not only the friendly proximity to the athletes, but also the social responsibility to promote top German sport were once decisive for JOKA's major commitment. So it was only a matter of time before customers and employees shared the enthusiasm and sponsorship developed into an important pillar of corporate communication. JOKA's support of sport is a matter close to our hearts.

We have also always supported local sport regionally with our JOKA brand and feel a close connection with clubs steeped in tradition. At our company headquarters in Kassel, for example, we cheer on the players of KSV Hessen Kassel, the Kassel Huskies and MT Melsungen, and in Frankfurt we are happy to see Eintracht win.

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