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Cork flooring: sustainable & healthy

Cork is one of the most sustainable and versatile raw materials in the world. It is becoming increasingly popular in the form of cork flooring. These versatile floors not only create a pleasant, pollutant-free living atmosphere, but are also durable and easy on the joints and the wallet. The sustainability aspect is particularly clear, as only the bark of the cork oak is peeled off for production, which then grows back.

Cork as a natural raw material

Cork floors are free of harmful substances and plasticisers, making them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and promoting a healthy indoor climate. Floors treated with a hard oil or wax also reduce the concentration of dust in the air, have an antistatic effect and ensure a clean environment. Thanks to its air-filled cells, cork is warm, soft and elastic, which is particularly pleasant for joint problems and children's first attempts at walking. As a natural raw material, cork also improves room acoustics.

Long lifespan

The cork oak, the origin of cork, is an impressively long-lived tree species and can live for over 200 years. Portugal, especially the south, is characterised by impressive cork oak forests, which are home to 30% of the world's cork trees. A 235-year-old cork oak holds the record as the largest of its kind in the Guinness Book of Records. The art of peeling cork is lovingly passed down from generation to generation, and the renewable bark makes it possible to harvest the raw material every nine years. In total, a cork oak can produce up to 700 kg of cork in its lifetime. The highest quality cork layers, known as "female cork", are used in floor coverings.

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