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Expand your outdoor oasis with decking boards

Decking boards are outdoor floor coverings that have been specially developed for use on terraces and balconies. They are made of various materials such as wood, WPC (wood-plastic composite) or BPC (bamboo-plastic composite) and give the terrace a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Weather-resistant and durable

Decking is characterised by its weather resistance, durability and ease of maintenance. They withstand UV radiation, moisture and insect infestation, which contributes to their long-term durability. They also offer a pleasant walking comfort, even when wet.

A major advantage of decking boards is their versatility. They can be selected in different colours, surface textures, lengths and widths to suit individual design preferences. Decking boards make it possible to use the terrace as an extended living space and create a cosy atmosphere outdoors.

Natural look

What makes decking boards special is their natural look and feel. Wooden decking boards give the patio a rustic charm and a warm appearance, while WPC and BPC boards offer a modern aesthetic and high resistance. Decking boards are also easy to lay and can be installed both on existing substrates and on height-adjustable substructures.

Decking boards are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to transform their terrace into a cosy outdoor retreat. With their natural properties, diverse design options and uncomplicated installation, they are perfect for personalised patio design. Discover the variety of decking boards and design your outdoor oasis just the way you want it!

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