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Flat doors with effective burglary protection

Encouraging development: the number of registered domestic burglaries has fallen by a good half since 2002 to around 66,000 offences (as of 2022, source: This is not only due to the increased presence at home as a result of more people working from home, but also to improved security precautions.

The choice of flat door plays a decisive role

In apartment blocks in particular, access via flat entrance doors is extremely popular with burglars, as they can be opened with brute force. It is therefore crucial to choose a high-quality door . The door leaf, hinges, lock, strike plate, lever handle and frame as well as professional installation guarantee the protection of property.

Certified security for your home

The use of certified security fittings in accordance with DIN 18257 is particularly important. Invisible screw fittings and specially hardened steel plates offer effective resistance to break-in attempts. A hardened steel cylinder cover prevents the profile cylinder from being pulled out.

Nahaufnahme des Türgriffs einer vor Einbruch geschützten Tür.

Resistance classes for increased protection

Burglar-resistant doors are categorised into different resistance classes, which make intrusion more difficult for a defined period of time. The resistance class should be selected depending on the location of the building, usage and valuables. A residential door should have at least resistance class RC 2. Thanks to innovative solutions from JOKA, security and design can be harmoniously combined

The perfect combination for maximum security

Additional protection is provided by a peephole or a slide channel door closer. The digital door camera from JOKA offers a convenient 3.2-inch monitor, an extended viewing angle and is suitable for easy installation. A guide rail door closer ensures that the door closes automatically to prevent unauthorised access.

Nahaufnahme eines automatischen Türschließers - Gleitschienentürschließer.

Practical tips for effective burglary protection

Locking the front door twice and using door viewers and locking bars also help to protect your property. It is also advisable to check your insurance policy, as insurance cover is often only provided if the correct door is used, the correct accessories are fitted and the door is installed correctly. This also applies to retrofitted security products.

Eingangsbereich einer Wohnung, in dem zwei einbruchssichere Innentüren zu sehen sind.

JOKA doors are only available at the selected locations:

Berlin, Bünde, Cölbe, Chemnitz, Dillenburg, Dresden, Erfurt, Essen, Fulda, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Halle, Kassel, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Zwiesel, Holzwart GmbH in Waldshut

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