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Impact sound insulation when laying floors

A good floor covering is visually appealing, and invisible footfall sound insulation also plays a decisive role in ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of your own four walls. It is essential when building a house and should also always be used when renovating. Here you can find out why impact sound insulation is essential, what advantages it offers and why professional advice is crucial.

Reducing noise with insulating underlays

The living room is a place of peace and relaxation, but loud noises can disturb this ambience and even affect health. The right impact sound insulation, consisting of special products such as insulating underlays and foils, reduces disturbing noises and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Indispensable for popular floor coverings

Impact sound insulation is particularly essential for popular floor coverings such as laminate , parquet and designer flooring in order to minimise annoying noise. If this is missing, it can not only affect the quality of life, but can also be costly for landlords, as they may have to install insulation at a later date.

Protecting the floor covering

Impact sound and walking sound are different phenomena, with impact sound describing noise in other rooms, while walking sound refers to the sound in your own rooms. The quality of impact sound insulation is crucial in order to achieve the desired sound insulation. By absorbing sound energy, impact sound insulation not only protects against noise, but also against damage to the floor covering. This is particularly important for sensitive floor coverings such as parquet or laminate.

Quality of life

A quiet and pleasant environment significantly improves the quality of life within your own four walls. Impact sound insulation helps to ensure that you can relax and unwind at home without being disturbed by annoying noise.

Increasing the value of the property

In rented flats, good footfall sound insulation can increase the satisfaction of the residents and thus increase the attractiveness of the property. For owners, this can also have a positive impact on the property value in the long term.

Energy efficiency

Some impact sound insulation materials also have insulating properties that can help to optimise energy consumption by keeping heat in the room better.

Professional advice for optimum planning

Professional planning and advice, especially from your JOKA consultant, are essential. Impact sound insulation from the low-price segment may seem cheap, but can ultimately become more expensive due to inferior quality and necessary replacements.

Expert advice from JOKA partner craftsmen

The cost of installing impact sound insulation depends on the size of the room, the cost per square metre of insulation and the hourly rate of the specialist installer.

Expert advice from your JOKA partner installer will help you make the right decisions for high-quality impact sound insulation. Find out more today.

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