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The versatile laminate: an elegant solution for floors

Laminate flooring is very popular all over the world, and for good reason. They combine an attractive appearance with durability and easy maintenance. But what actually makes laminate so special and what advantages does it offer compared to other floor coverings?

The structure of laminate

Laminate consists of several layers that are pressed together to form a stable and resistant surface. The bottom layer usually serves as a moisture barrier, followed by a backing layer that gives the floor stability. On top of this is the decorative paper with the desired design, which can look deceptively real, whether wood, stone or tiles. Finally, a transparent top layer protects the decor from abrasion and scratches.


A major advantage of laminate is its versatility. It is available in a wide range of designs that can mimic the look of different types of wood or stone looks. In addition, laminate is available in different thicknesses, making it ideal for different areas of use.

Laminate is also comparatively easy to install. Many variants have a click system that enables quick and uncomplicated installation. This also makes it a popular choice for renovation and new-build projects.

Raumbild eines hell im Skandi Stil eingerichteten Kinderzimmers. Auf dem Boden ist helles JOKA Laminat verlegt und die Wände sind mit mustervoller Tapete verziert.


One of the biggest advantages of laminate is its resistance to scratches, stains and moisture. Compared to real wood, laminate is also often less expensive while still offering a similarly attractive appearance. In addition, laminate flooring is easy to clean and requires little maintenance on a day-to-day basis.

To summarise, laminate is an attractive and practical choice for flooring. With its versatility, durability and easy maintenance, it is an excellent option for homes, offices and other areas that require an attractive and durable floor.

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CO2 footprint

Because JOKA laminate flooring is manufactured entirely in Germany, there are no long transport routes, which means less CO2 emissions from exhaust fumes. Speaking of CO2: the wood used stores more carbon dioxide than the production of the flooring causes. JOKA laminate flooring therefore has a negative CO2 footprint.

Healthy living

Thanks to the predominantly natural materials used, JOKA laminate floors are ecologically harmless and low-emission, the latter being certified by the eco-INSTITUT and the Blue Angel. In addition, germs and bacteria don't stand a chance on the anti-bacterial coating of the PVC and plasticiser-free flooring.

Nahaufnahme eines grauen JOKA Laminatbodens, auf dem ein grauer JOKA Wollteppich liegt.


All JOKA laminate floors are protected from swelling for at least four hours when exposed to standing moisture, the floors in the HudsonRiver collection even for 24 hours. This is made possible by the combination of a water-resistant surface, swell-improved QuellStopAqua+ core board and the ProConnect Aqua Pure+ installation system.

Easy to clean

The sight of children baking on the floor may make the hairs on the back of some people's necks stand on end. But with JOKA laminate flooring, you can be reassured, because thanks to its easy-care properties, the stains can be removed in no time at all. Even tricky stains from red wine, oil or coffee are easy to remove.

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Raumbild eines im Japandi Stil eingerichteten Esszimmers. Auf dem Boden ist helles JOKA Laminat verlegt.
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