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All about parquet: timeless elegance and natural variety

Parquet is a timeless classic that creates an elegant atmosphere in any room. But what exactly is behind this floor covering and what are the differences between 2-layer and 3-layer parquet?

What is parquet?

Parquet is made of real wood and is laid in the form of small strips or planks. These are arranged in different laying variants such as ship's floor or herringbone. Thanks to the natural grain and the variety of wood types, parquet gives every room an individual touch.

Nahaufnahme eines dunklen JOKA Parketts, welches perfekt zur Einrichtung im Art-Deco-Stil passt.
Raumbild eines Wohnzimmers mit dunklem JOKA Parkett, im Fischgrad Muster verlegt. Die helle Tapete verleiht dem Raum den Skandi Stil

Difference between 2-layer and 3-layer parquet

In 2-layer parquet, the top layer is made of precious wood, while the bottom layer consists of a carrier material such as HDF. 3-layer parquet, on the other hand, also has a centre layer made of solid wood. This makes it even more stable.

Nahaufnahme des JOKA Calgary Parketts in Eiche. Auf dem Boden stehen grüne Vasen, Pflanzen und ein dreibeiniger Stuhl
Raumbild eines im Skandi Stil eingerichteten Kinderzimmers. Auf dem Boden ist ein JOKA Parkettboden in Natur Eiche verlegt.

Advantages and special features

Parquet floors are extremely durable and hardwearing. They can be sanded and resealed several times, which extends their service life. They are also hygienic and allergy-friendly, as dust and dirt particles cannot settle on the smooth surface.

Another advantage of parquet is its sustainability. As it is made from the renewable raw material wood, it is an environmentally friendly floor covering. Parquet also radiates a natural warmth and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

Overall, parquet is a timeless and high-quality choice for any living space. With its variety of designs and wood types, it suits every interior style and gives every room a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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Nahaufnahme eines dunklen JOKA Parketts - perfekt passend zur Raumgestaltung im Landhausstil. Auf dem Boden steht ein kleiner Hocker.

Parquet - made for generations

Rooms through the ages - the parquet remains

In the 1950s, the kitchen was the centre of the living area. This is where people cooked, played, laughed and learnt. The floor had to withstand a lot. During this time, floor sealing was also developed, so that the parquet was better protected and easier to maintain.

Durable & sustainable

Oak and other hardwoods are carefully selected for our parquet floors. They stand for robustness and durability and are perfect for a long-lasting wooden floor due to their natural properties. Carefully processed, these qualities are particularly emphasised.

New room - same parquet floor

As part of the renovation, the large room that was previously the kitchen has been transformed into a living room. With this change came a new sense of well-being across the board! Whether you walk barefoot across the floor or simply sit on it - parquet floors are warm and cosy due to their natural texture and literally invite you to make yourself comfortable on the floor.

Warm and cosy

Wood is naturally warm and conveys a feeling of cosiness. Underfloor heating provides the best basis for even more barefoot cosiness in winter. Professionally laid and bonded, the heat is transferred to the parquet surface in an excellent way. A positive side effect of the complete bonding of the parquet is its sound-absorbing properties, which reduce impact sound.

New style - same parquet floor

New furniture, new decoration, but the parquet remains. Whether it's a cosy get-together or a little dance - parties at home weren't just a highlight in the 80s. With regular care, wooden floors are extremely resilient and still remain beautiful for many years. The innovative finishes in particular protect the surface from moisture, dirt and scratches.

Robust and distinctive

The carefully selected trees that form the basis for the high-quality parquet floors grow slowly and over many decades. Year by year, a natural and distinctive structure is created, which is emphasised by manual brushing and planing. Whether natural oiled or matt lacquered: Thanks to the refined surfaces, the floor can withstand everyday wear and tear.

New furnishings - same parquet floor

Renovations in the year 2000 usually included new technology, but the floor also got a makeover. After years of use, the surface of parquet loses its lustre and deeper damage or scratches appear. However, the floor can be professionally sanded and then it looks like new.

Professionally renovatable

Professional basic cleaning preserves parquet permanently and keeps it looking good. For floors that are getting on in years, the precious wood top layer can be sanded down several times, depending on the thickness. The parquet is then re-oiled or varnished so that scratches and signs of wear disappear. No other floor will retain its appearance for generations.

Focus on sustainability

We can't breathe without air. Trees make a major contribution, so it doesn't matter whether a tree is planted in the garden or we help to reforest our forests. Every newly planted tree contributes to the preservation of the earth's green lungs. Wood for our parquet floors comes from sustainable and certified forestry.

When trees are harvested and processed into parquet flooring, this has a positive effect, as CO2 is permanently stored in the wood. If you would also like to actively support the climate, you can, for example, become a tree sponsor and work with our company to support the reforestation of regional forests.

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