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Differences between parquet, solid parquet and natural wood flooring

Parquet floors are popular due to their natural beauty and durability. However, there are differences between 2-layer and 3-layer parquet, solid parquet and natural wood floors.

2-layer and 3-layer parquet

2-layer parquet consists of a wear layer and a backing layer. It is easier to lay, but still offers the natural look and feel of wood.

In addition to the layers mentioned, 3-layer parquet also has a middle layer that provides even more stability. This makes it particularly suitable for underfloor heating and high-traffic areas.

Solid parquet and natural wood floors

Solid parquet consists of continuous pieces of wood and therefore only one layer. However, it is more susceptible to moisture fluctuations and therefore cannot be used everywhere.

Natural wood floors such as Ativo from JOKA are an innovative alternative. They combine the naturalness of solid parquet with the stability of multi-layer constructions. Ativo also offers a wide selection of designs and surfaces that perfectly replicate the look of real wood.

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Wooden floors for all needs

The choice between 2-layer and 3-layer parquet depends on individual needs and preferences. Solid parquet and natural wood floors such as Ativo offer an attractive alternative thanks to their successful combination of natural beauty and modern technology. Discover the variety and quality of wooden floors for your home!

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