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Pleated blinds, roller blinds & co. - the ideal companions at any time of year!

Sunlight indoors is wonderful - if you dose it correctly. And this applies both in summer when the sun is intense and in the cold season when the sun is low.

Why sun shading?

Modern sun shading systems pamper rooms with a personalised atmosphere and are also able to improve their energy efficiency. They not only provide glare and privacy protection, but also have an attractive savings effect. The heat stays outside in summer and the warmth stays inside in winter. This ensures a cosy climate and also reduces heating costs.

In addition, the fabric sun shading system from JOKA significantly increases the feeling of cosiness. The acoustics of a room can also be positively influenced by fabric sun shading systems such as pleated blind s or roller blinds .

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Fensterfront, die mit Jalousien aus dunkelbraunem Holz abgedunkelt ist.
Pleated blinds and Duette®
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Sun protection products from JOKA

Whether privacy or glare protection, light guidance or regulation: the high-quality Duette®, pleated blinds, roller blinds, panel and vertical blinds from JOKA provide optimum protection from the sun's glaring rays, modulate incoming light, prevent prying eyes and, if required, envelop entire rooms in cosy darkness. As individual as you are: the wide selection of JOKA fabrics, from plain to patterned, allows you to choose the sun protection that suits you and your needs.

A visit to the JOKA partner craftsman, the JOKA specialist consultant, is worthwhile! There you will receive competent advice, creativity, the best craftsmanship and a high-quality and beautiful product selection.

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Ein Büroraum mit einer großen Fensterfront, vor der eine Jalousie aus Aluminium als Sonnenschutz hängt.
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