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Franziska Preuß' dream house becomes reality

Franziska Preuß, world champion and Olympic medallist in biathlon, showed us around her home. As a long-standing JOKA brand ambassador, she was naturally able to count on us as a partner in the realisation of her dream home. The high-quality products and natural materials perfectly match Franzi's own ideas of a cosy and stylish home.

JOKA biathlete lives in the countryside

"It has always been a dream for us to live in a wooden house one day and now we live here. It really has become a dream house," says an overjoyed Franziska Preuß. Being close to nature is very important to her. She grew up on a farm and spent a lot of time in nature as a child, in the woods and on the meadows. She is all the more pleased about her little house in the countryside.

She and her partner found inspiration for their choice of products in the JOKA showrooms in their neighbourhood. "We received comprehensive and friendly advice. That made it easy for us to decide quickly," says Franzi gratefully.

Parquet flooring as a cosy factor

After an exhausting construction phase, Franzi and her boyfriend were able to move in just before Christmas 2022. "When I travelled home from the World Cup in France, I went straight to the new house. My parents had even decorated it for Christmas," she enthuses. "Most people immediately notice the beautiful wooden floor that we chose from the entrance area." When asked what makes Franzi's home particularly inviting, she replies "definitely the floor!". The JOKA parquet flooring in a warm wood tone extends from the entrance area through the entire living room to the kitchen.

Wooden table as the centrepiece of every convivial meal

The living/dining area is all about cosiness. The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere and is perfect for cold winter evenings. She particularly likes to lie on the mantelpiece. "It's such a nice place when I come back from training. I can do a quick cool down there first," she laughs sympathetically.

In the dining area of the house, a beautiful oak table from the JOKA table programme awaits guests - the centrepiece of every convivial meal.

The interior doors connect the rooms seamlessly and blend harmoniously into the overall design of the house. On the living floor, Franzi and her partner opted for cosy wooden doors, while in the basement they opted for functional doors.

Franzi's favourite place is the terrace

To complete the overall picture, flowers, plants and pots of herbs are a must in Franzi's home. "If the colour green appears more often, the house immediately takes on a completely different ambience," she recommends.

"I think wood simply radiates cosiness, and that's what makes it so special for me."

Her love of nature is also evident in the outside area of her home. Franzi's favourite spot: the spacious terrace with wooden floorboards made from Siberian larch is the ideal place to enjoy the fresh air. "I absolutely love being on the terrace in the garden because you can look out into the greenery and relax."