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Living idea - bring spring freshness into your home

Fresh cure

The last snow hasn't quite melted yet, but the first buds are breaking through the ground: After the long winter grey, we celebrate every sign of warmth and renewal.

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Flowers are blooming, the warm wind blows in your face and the winter coat disappears into the wardrobe. However, as it is well known that it can get uncomfortable in our latitudes even in the warmer seasons, it doesn't hurt to bring a little spring freshness into your own home.

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Raumbild eines Wohn- und Essbereichs, der durch blaue Akzente an den Wänden und Möbeln starken Kontrast zum dunkeln JOKA Xplora NEXT Fußboden bietet.

Floral patterns

The first green making its way through the earth, trees with a dense canopy of leaves, water glistening in the sun - what we like so much outside is reflected in the colour scheme inside. It's the mix that makes the difference: Floral patterns in natural, muted colours combined with soft mint create a harmonious blend.

Detailaufnahme einer ruhigen Raumecke. Der Fußboden ist ein dunkelbrauner JOKA Xplora Next.
Nahaufnahme eines hellgrünen, gemusterten JOKA Teppich, auf dem eine Schale mit Obst liegt.
Detailaufnahme eines Eingangsbereich, mit einer weißen JOKA Tür und braungemusterter Tapete.
Detailaufnahme eines Fenster, das mit einer sandfarbenen Gardine verhangen ist - der optimale Sonnenschutz in der Frische Kur Wohnidee.
Farbkreis der Kernfarben in der Frische Kur Wohnidee - Karamell, Minze, Salbei, Sand

Cream-coloured wooden floors

Into nature: blooming flowers in delicate pastel colours, swaying grasses in earthy brown tones - the wallpaper sets the tone here. The exciting texture of the wooden floor picks up on the natural cream and earthy tones of the curtains. A light-coloured carpet provides a cosy feeling and completes the room like an oasis of calm.

You can find the JOKA products for the "Fresh Cure" living idea from our qualified craftsmen, the JOKA specialist advisors.

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Nahaufnahme des dunkelbraunen JOKA Xplora NEXT Fußboden, passend zur Raumgestaltung in der Frische Kur Wohnidee.
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