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Bauhaus-style living: discover the timeless charm!

Bauhaus style

The Bauhaus furnishing style is a timeless and stylish way to design living spaces. Inspired by the ideals of the Bauhaus movement, which focussed on functionality and simplicity, this style gives every room a clear and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. From the colours on the walls to the matching floor coverings and curtains - here you can find out how to implement the Bauhaus style in your home.

Minimalist colours

Clear lines and minimalist colour palettes dominate the Bauhaus furnishing style. Classic colours such as black, white, grey and beige form the basis, while strong accent colours such as red, yellow or blue provide contrasts. The use of colours emphasises the functionality of the furniture and the architectural structure of the room.

Ein offenes Badezimmer, eingerichtet im Bauhausstil, in dem der dunkle JOKA Designboden Grey Slate verlegt ist.

Plain floors

Typical of the Bauhaus furnishing style are floor coverings such as parquet , laminate or concrete, as well as designer flooring with a concrete look. These materials combine functionality and elegance and fit in perfectly with the minimalist design concept. Clear lines and simple aesthetics take centre stage, while superfluous embellishments are avoided.

Raumbild eines hellen Schlafzimmers, welches im Bauhausstil eingerichtet ist. Im Schlafzimmer ist ein heller JOKA WoodenStyles Fußboden in Fischgrat verlegt.
Raumbild einer schlichten Küche, mit hellgrauem JOKA Designboden und Oberflächen in Holzoptik.

Carpets in bold colours

Even if clear lines predominate in the Bauhaus furnishing style, rugs can be used as an accent to convey cosiness and warmth. Choose rugs with geometric patterns or bold colours that complement the minimalist design without overloading it.

Raumbild eines im Bauhausstil eingerichteten farbenfrohen Büros, in dem ein dunkelroter Teppichboden verlegt ist.
Nahaufnahme eines roten Teppichs, der auf einem dunkelgrauen JOKA Designboden liegt.

Functional curtains

Bauhaus style curtains are simple and functional. Curtains made of light fabrics in neutral colours such as white or grey allow optimal light transmission and fit perfectly with the overall minimalist concept. Avoid superfluous embellishments and instead opt for clear lines and a simple aesthetic.

The Bauhaus furnishing style combines functionality with aesthetics, creating timeless living spaces that impress with their clean lines and minimalist design. From the colours on the walls to the floor coverings and curtains - with the Bauhaus style, you can transform your home into a stylish retreat.

Nahaufnahme einer JOKA Gardine in hellem Wohnstoff - perfekt passend zu Bauhausstil.
Raumbild eines lichtdurchfluteten Flurs, der durch JOKA Plissees blickdicht ist.
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