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Living in country house style: cosiness and pure nature

Country house style

The country house style gives every home a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its rustic elements and natural materials, it radiates cosiness. Here are some tips on how you can design your home in country house style.

Natural colours

The country house style colour palette is inspired by nature. Earthy colours such as warm beige, soft green and earthy brown dominate. White accents provide brightness and freshness. When choosing colours for walls and furniture, it is important to create a harmonious and natural atmosphere. Use matt colours to achieve an authentic look and opt for subtle patterns such as checks or flowers to emphasise the rural character.

Raumbild eines im Landhausstil eingerichteten Schlafzimmers. Auf dem Boden ist ein heller JOKA Designboden und an der Decke das klassische JOKA PARO Akustikpaneel angebracht.

Characteristic wooden floors

Wooden floors are characteristic of the country house style and give the room a warm touch. Planks or parquet in natural wood tones create a cosy foundation. Alternatively, stone tiles or terracotta tiles can also create a rustic atmosphere. It is important that the floor is robust and easy to maintain in order to preserve the rustic charm.

Raumbild eines großen Wohnzimmers mit Bar im Landhausstil. Auf dem Boden wurde der JOKA Ativo Designboden verlegt.
Im Landhausstil eingerichtete Küche. Auf dem Boden ist ein JOKA Laminatboden in natürlicher Holzoptik verlegt.

Patterned carpets

Cosy rugs play an important role in the country house style. Large, patterned rugs in warm colours not only set visual accents, but also create a cosy atmosphere. Woven rugs or models with floral patterns go particularly well with the country house style and add a touch of nostalgia to the room.

Nahaufnahme eines grauen JOKA Wollteppichs. Ideales Gestaltungselement im Landhausstil.
Detailaufnahme eines beigen JOKA Wollteppichs - ideal für eine gemütliche Leseecke im Landhausstil.

Curtains made from natural materials

As a complementary element, curtains complete the country house style by regulating light and creating a cosy atmosphere. Natural materials such as cotton or linen with subtle patterns fit perfectly. Delicate floral patterns add a romantic touch to the windows and complement the overall look of the style.

With these tips, you can create a country-style home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also invites you to linger. Create an oasis of relaxation with natural colours, wooden floors and cosy rugs and experience the rustic charm of the country house style up close.

Detailaufnahme einer hellblauen, lichtdurchlässigen aber blickdichten JOKA Gardine. Perfekter Blickschutz im Landhausstil.
Detailaufnahme eines Fenster, vor dem ein lichtdurchlässiges aber blickdichtes braunes JOKA Plissee hängt.
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