Carpet - the best choice for allergy sufferers

Carpet is not for allergy sufferers? - that thought is still in our minds. But meanwhile studies confirm that it is exactly the other way around, carpet is in the best way suitable for house dust allergy sufferers as well as for people with animal hair allergies, pollen allergies and much more.

Carpet binds substances such as animal hair, mite excrements and all other allergenic substances. They can no longer be whirled up in the carpet and will be safely sucked off.
Read more about it here: www.teppich-und-du.eu/so_einfuehlsam


Convinced but no desire on a whole carpet? On every smooth floor such as parquet, laminate or design floor always fits a carpet, which of course can be made for every size, called abgepasste JOKA carpets. Not only more well-being and space heating, also for health an absolute gain.



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