Parquet - color changes as a quality feature of real wood floors

The temperature in the interior can be kept relatively constant by heating and air conditioning, but the floor and walls are permanently exposed to different climatic influences. In the first place is the solar radiation, which has an influence on the color of natural floors.

Wood as the preferred natural material in the interior, but also cork, change its color over time. This natural process is a kind of certificate of authenticity for wood. Almost every type of wood changes over time, which is due to one of the main ingredients of wood - lignin. This substance is formed by every living tree, it prevents water from penetrating into the cell wall and protects the cells from UV light. When processed, wood no longer forms this material and the color changes. A natural wooden floor tends to show clearer color changes than varnished or stained floors.

Each type of wood reacts differently to solar radiation and does so at different speeds. The wood of a cherry tree, for example, becomes significantly darker within a few weeks when there is direct light. Maple species become warmer in color over time, and oak floors also get a warmer, amber tone. Walnut, on the other hand, tends to get lighter over time.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that light wood tends to darken and naturally dark wood becomes paler. However, not only the intensity of the color changes, but also the basic tone. It is therefore advisable, especially in the window area, not to lay carpets or rugs.

Nobody lives in a room without furniture and therefore everyone knows the problem of light spots when you move the sofa or a large carpet to the other corner of the room. Basically, you should change the furniture from time to time to avoid too big a difference between light and dark areas. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for the bright areas, over time the lighter areas darken and gradually adapt to the environment. In the long term, all that's left is to sand the floor. The JOKA specialist adviser knows what is possible in a specific case.

If you choose a wooden floor, you can go on an exciting development journey with the material and be inspired by the different levels.

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