Wooden floor in the bathroom

What must a bathroom floor be able to do? He has to bring a certain amount of basic warmth, convey a pleasant barefoot feeling, radiate naturalness and a feel-good atmosphere. Wood can do all this better than any other material. Nevertheless, for decades the tile was almost without alternative in the area of ​​wet rooms - completely wrong. Slowly but surely, more and more wooden floors are moving into bathrooms - and rightly so.

Wooden floors create a cozy, warm atmosphere, are naturally warm and comfortable. Nevertheless, there are of course a few points to consider when choosing the wood, installing it and maintaining it. In shipbuilding, in old buildings and also in wooden windows, you can see that wood and moisture can basically work well together.

But which type of wood is particularly well suited for the special location bathroom? In general, it can be said that woods that have a relatively high intrinsic moisture absorb less moisture from the outside - accordingly overseas woods, which are naturally “used” to higher atmospheric humidity, are well suited. But also the domestic oak, Swiss stone pine or larch can be used well and are relatively resistant. Oil-glazed or open-pore surfaces have proven themselves, they are easy to maintain and renovate.

Another basic rule is that there should be as few joints as possible. Because the joints can allow moisture to penetrate the floor. So where there are none, nothing can happen. Of course, joints cannot be completely avoided. Those that exist should therefore be sealed with sealing tapes so that water cannot penetrate. Unpleasant smells or mold cannot arise in this way.
The professional Craftsman knows that what happens under the wooden floor is also important. Here you should pay attention to an appropriate seal and with multilayer parquet you should pay attention to moisture-resistant middle layers and carrier boards. In addition, a hydrophobic - i.e. moisture-repellent - edge protection is required here.

In everyday use, you should pay attention to a few points so that you can enjoy the natural product wood in the bathroom for a long time: Splashing water is not a problem, larger amounts of standing water should be wiped away directly. Before bath and shower you can use quick-drying rugs, which are also a great splash of color.

In addition, regular ventilation, which should become a habit regardless of the flooring, ensures a balanced humidity, which is also good for the wooden floor in the bathroom.

Make your bathroom a wellness oasis with wooden floors. Your JOKA specialist advises which types of wood can be used well in your bathroom and which factors must still be taken into account.

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