Large JOKA campaign 2013/2014 in all channels

Jordan supports JOKA Fachberater with TV commercials, online marketing, billboards and advertisements - Large JOKA campaign 2013/2014 in all channels

To strengthen the competitiveness of its customers in stores and craft is the top priority for Jordan. Therefore, Jordan offers extremely attractive opportunities in marketing, advertising, presentation and assortment to interior decorators, floor installers, painters and retailers within the cooperation "JOKA Fachberater". These benefits would otherwise not be accessible for these customers as a lone fighter but will help to distinguish themselves sustainable. The highlight is the new, large JOKA Fachberater campaign which still launches in 2013. From November on Jordan will advertise in magazines, online marketing, billboards and as a highlight will place TV commercials on ARD and ZDF.

Wide publicity campaign with a gross reach of 50 million contacts.

The highlight of the campaign for the winter half-year 2013/14 is a TV commercial with the JOKA brand ambassador Magdalena Neuner which will be on TV on November, 29th 2013 at 17:40h on the public channels ARD and ZDF for the first time. The last commercial will be shown on March, 22nd 2014. Biathlon is one of the most popular winter sports with an average of about 5 million viewers. Therefore the Jordan commercial will run in the immediate vicinity of the biathlon competition broadcast. In conjunction with the Jordan sports sponsorship of active prominent biathlon athletes this will lead to interesting cross marketing effects. The name recognition effect of the brand JOKA is perfectly supported by the brand placement on the shoulder straps of the biathletes.

The TV commercial will go along with full-page ads in the JOKA lifestyle magazines such as "Stilvoll Wohnen" and beyond through specific online marketing ( and social networks. In their environment, our approx. 600 JOKA Fachberater nationwide and many other JOKA customers have also placed billboards with the ad as well as extensive advertising presentations at their point of sale.

JOKA Fachberater benefit from the increasing strength of the brand JOKA and the extensive marketing service package of the cooperation.

Unlike partnerships or purchasing associations in the classical sense, the JOKA Fachberater cooperation does not focus on purchasing advantages. Favorable purchasing conditions, reliable delivery and fast availability can anyway be enjoyed by Jordan’s customers: As the leading supplier of flooring and wood in Germany the family-owned enterprise can offer best conditions in range of products and service. From the customer orientation and customer focus as one of the pillars of success of Jordan a partnership model was developed which is focused on professional marketing and advertising while based on "trust, reliability, an independent entrepreneurship, performance and reward, so that all sides can benefit from it ", as formulated by the managing partner Joerg L. Jordan.

Primary objectives are to support the JOKA Fachberater in the fields of advertising and marketing, provide assistance in perfectly presenting their products, professionalize sales and increase their degree of awareness so that they can reach more customers, promote existing customer’s loyalty and increase their clearance sales. Jordan also commits itself to support young talents development in craft along with the JOKA Fachberater. This is especially important to secure the future of the industry. The cooperative partnership promises mutual growth because: "If our customers are successful, so are we!

This does not only apply to the economic sense. Also the mutual exchange - both among the JOKA Fachberater as well as with the house Jordan - fertilized and brings valuable suggestions. Jordan-Head of Sales Robert Horst says, "JOKA Fachberater have formed a circle of friends, which is supportive in many matters." Shared experiences, for example, events such as "Handwerk trifft Sport", the attending of sports events or meetings with JOKA brand ambassador Magdalena Neuner strengthen the team spirit. Regional and national meetings enable close cooperation and the immediate transfer of information among like-minded colleagues.

Suitable JOKA Fachberater are Interior designers, floor layers, painters and specialty retailers who are agile, open-minded, quality conscious, progressive and competitive, value their independence and have their own brand profile. In addition to this, they should identify with the strong brand JOKA which plays an essential role within the variety of activities and thereby acts as a "red thread" as well as the engine.

To become a JOKA Fachberater you don’t have to acquire any shares, contribute equity or take liability risk. Interested parties can choose between different alternatives of membership tailored to their objectives and approach and merely have to pay a small advertising allowance. For detailed information please contact the JOKA Fachberater team which will take care of anything concerning the membership. Also this qualified team will be available for any personal conversations or requests. A service manual provides detailed information on the extensive range of services that are available to JOKA Fachberater.

Perfectly equipped with a large package of services and professional support

JOKA Fachberater get an all-around support and advice in terms of marketing and advertising, as well as an extensive range of co-ordinated, professional-looking instruments and activities so that their appearance on the market is at its best. This ensures a qualified, promising approach to the end customers and also saves time and money.

In addition to established marketing tools such as shop fittings, shop window decoration, vehicle graphics, workwear, mailings, flyer and envelopes, the JOKA Fachberater get in touch with attractive and exclusive services which will distinguish their business from others: The JOKA Fachberater illuminated sign right at the entrance of the business indicates that this business is a professional company that guarantees best quality and service.

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