Adjusted carpets

The carpet is still a classic for living rooms. We appreciate him for his warm feet, his fleeciness and his wide range of colours. Carpets are suitable for all living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.

People with allergies particularly appreciate the static properties of carpets. More about carpets and allergy. Carpets and carpeted floor are also colourful, sound-insulating, energy-saving, non-slip, hard-wearing and provide a pleasant living climate - summer and winter.

Everyone knows the desire for a "change of scenery" - and not just on the wall. A completely new floor covering is often associated with major renovation costs. An uncomplicated and easy way to change the design of a room is a so-called adjusted carpet that can be laid on any other floor covering.

The solution for a tailor-made carpet is a so-called adaptation. Rolls of fabric are cut to the desired size and the edges are sewn around, piped, chained or designed with a tilting edge, depending on the material and wish. Unusual carpet shapes and curves are also a beautiful solution for individual interior design. For example, you are looking for a carpet that you would like to place in a corner but which projects into the room with a curve or an oval carpet shape that fits exactly under your dining table? No problem, the desired carpet can be cut to your individually desired shape for every room.

You can make the edge of a adjusted carpet inconspicuous and conspicuous. In the inconspicuous variant, the edge is chained around in a certain width. The chained edging is visually very discreet and prevents the carpet from fraying at the edge. A piped edge is a border of 1 cm. More attention is paid to the edging if it is made with a cotton, leather or fabric edge. Width and color are then selectable. High pile carpets are often edged with a so-called tilting edge. The high pile is tilted to the side in this version so that no hard transition is visible.

The back of an adjusted carpet is of particular importance. Since carpets are usually glued or fixed, the backs of the material are optimally processed for gluing. If you just put it on a parquet, laminate or design floor, it would slide. This is why a rubber mat is applied to the back to guarantee a safe position and prevent the carpet from slipping. This anti-slip layer is permanently and firmly bonded to the carpet. Alternatively, a layer of needlepunch can be applied to the back, which is 5 mm thick and makes the step on the carpet even softer and quieter, as the carpet becomes more voluminous.

But who makes an individual, tailor-made carpet? Talk to your JOKA-Fachberater, the competent craftsman. He knows exactly which JOKA collection is suitable for which processing. He will be happy to advise you - from the initial collection of ideas to the finished carpet at your home.

To the conceptuality: One differentiates between carpet and carpeted floor. A carpeted floor is usually bought in rolls and placed in a complete room - from wall to wall, it is fixed or glued accordingly. A carpet has a defined size and is laid on another floor covering. Ready-made carpets from the construction  or furniture market have standard sizes and fixed patterns, these are often too cheesy for many customers or dimensions and shapes do not fit their personal ideas. If the desired size, appearance and condition do not match the offer, you have to make compromises - not so with an adjusted carpet, an adjusted carpet is like a tailor-made suit: optimally adapted to the conditions, perfectly matched in material and size and an absolute unicum.

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