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Since 1 January 2000, the Ordinance on VDU Workplaces has prescribed light protection devices for all VDU workplaces. Their task is to avoid glare and reflections on the monitor.
A clear view to the outside must also be possible. According to the VDU Ordinance, computer workplaces must be set up in such a way that luminous or illuminated surfaces do not cause glare and reflections on the monitor. Light protection devices must therefore prevent employees from being directly dazzled by daylight on the one hand, and on the other hand there must be no interference from reflections (e.g. from sunlight radiating into the room from opposite buildings or window surfaces or reflected from shiny surfaces in the room) on the monitor. For example, the direction of the compass, the season, the direction of incidence of the sun's rays and the presence of opposite buildings play a decisive role in calculating the necessary degree of transparency for the curtain.
Requirements for light protection devices: They must: prevent direct glare to employees, avoid reflections on the monitor, ensure sufficient contrast of the screen display, ensure that no shadow patterns form on the screen, enable an outward line of sight and be easily adjustable.

(Workplace design: light protection devices, ERGO-online (, Gesellschaft Arbeit und Ergonomie-online, Author: Mrs. Ulla Wittig-Goetz, 24.05.2000.)
Many of our JOKA-Plissees comply with this regulation, your JOKA-Fachberater knows which Material are best suited for your computer workplace.

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