Plissees installing options

A Plissee, also known as a folding blind, is uncomplicated and quick to install. The right measurement is the basis for a perfectly fitting Plissee. Tip: A tape measure with viewing window or a telescopic measuring rod is particularly suitable for measuring. The JOKA- Fachberater will gladly carry out the exact measurement for you. He has the right tools and can advise you best on site.

JOKA plissees can be installed either in the glazing bead, on the window sash, in the window niche or in front of the window niche. Installation in or in front of the niche is also suitable for rented apartments, for example,the Plissee can be easily removed. Installation directly in the glazing bead has the advantage that there are no gaps at the edge, the window sill is free and the window can be tilted and opened without impairment. 

You can decide for both types of assembling: Do you want to be able to pull the fabric over the entire window or is a small area sufficient for the Plisse to cover when completely unfolded? In this case the curtain is cut smaller, saving material and space when folded.

Installation in the glazing bead

Installation in the window niche

Installation on the window sash

Installation in front of the window niche

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