Natürlich schöne Räume
Pink tones always give a room something playful, grey basic elements ensure that pink does not come across as kitschy or girlish, this is why I like this special combination very much.

Your Steffi


Harmonic design

Soft tones and special accents characterise this living room. Silky cushion covers and discreet accessories set highlights. Selectively used elements of light wood and the design floor of cool grey create a light, harmonic feeling of space. All this can be found in the large JOKA product range.

Rosé tones stand for dynamism and liveliness - solid, calming grey appears classic and simple. Thus, the two colour ranges are good opposites, but in combination they result in a coherent, harmonic colour combination. The overall appearance is soft, harmonic and yet expressive, with a noble and unobtrusive appearance. 




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