Natürlich schöne Räume
Depending on mood and season, I can combine the colorful accents in this room again and again. The simple and stylish basic design leaves a lot of scope for me here.

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Bright and friendly

Fresh and vivid colours define this living space and convey a calm and relaxed atmosphere of well-being. Clear accents in a light azure blue bring the patterns of the curtains and cushion covers and the inviting carpet to the fore.
The bright and friendly colouring invites you to linger and makes the room a place where you can come to rest.

The grey-brown floor covering and the white wallpaper give the room a discreet and noble basis, which becomes a round overall picture through the blue accents.

JOKA products in this picture are both the floor covering and the wallpaper as well as the living materials in different shades of blue.


With these JOKA products I have designed my room!

Teppichboden Bella
Farbe 412

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Dekostoff Mirasol 216-147
Kollektion Frühjahr 2016

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5513 Ivory Elm

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