Natürlich schöne Räume
I am very close to nature, but I also like clear lines, which is reflected in this room. I have to feel comfortable in the bathroom to shake off the stress of everyday life. I can do that beautifully in this ambience.

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Nature with structure

Earthy natural tones characterize this room; it is defined by clear structures and straight lines. The modern style is timeless and simple, accentuated by current trends.The day begins and ends in the bathroom, symbolizing a room of relaxation in which one can relax. The JOKA wall design with Variano wallpaper in concrete look and the frosted glass door open up the room optically.

Both elements stand for clarity and purity.
Grey and white as modern, clear and cool colours frame the bathroom, convey a luxurious atmosphere and help the mind and body with their simplicity and calming effect to forget everyday stress, to arrive and to feel good.


With these JOKA products I have designed my room!

Variano Wall
Farbe 1010

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