Natürlich schöne Räume

Raumwelt styles

Raumwelt styles The design of your own four walls is an exciting task.It should be tasteful and personal.
Under the motto "create your room", the five product-spanning JOKA Raumwelt offer inspiration for individual ideas.
Discreet patterns and pastel shades characterise the Nordischer Flair and Natürlicher Charakter of the Raumwelt. Courageous combinations and colours are the characteristics of the Weltoffenen Akzente and Lebendige Vielfalt. The Elegante Erscheinung blends subtle earth tones with cleverly set colour accents.
I rely entirely on JOKA for the design of my personal comfort rooms.

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Enjoy the nature at home

A picnic on the green meadow, a walk in the forest, a bath in the crystal-clear mountain lake - everyone has their own idea of nature enjoyment. But who actually says that nature can only take place outside?
Original materials such as wood or cork in combination with warm colours and fresh patterns bring naturalness into your own home.

Four seasons under one roof: bright, fruity colours spread eternal spring even during rain and storms. Flowering flowers in front of the windows create a summer mood in the living room. The incomparable feeling of a real wood floor gives a feeling of security when the leaves are blowing from the trees outside and cuddly carpets spread winterly comfort. 

Wooden floors with characterful grains and cork floors in warm wood decors create a cosy, healthy living atmosphere. Individual accents can be set with wallpapers and living materials in extravagant feather patterns, rustic tree bark structure, floral designs or unplastered concrete optics.

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